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I am a multimedia storyteller, and a curious native New Yorker.

I’m currently a student in Brooklyn College’s Journalism and Media Studies program, and the 2020 recipient of the Himan Brown Scholarship for the Spoken Word, for A Family Tree, a short audio documentary I made exploring a family’s wounds, set during a blackout at the rise of the pandemic.

My past accolades include first prize in Suffolk County’s Reclaim Our Water film competition, a local government initiative to bring attention to the imminent dangers facing Long Island’s water.

I have also assisted Zappos, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and others, in creating value through content that speaks from the heart.

I’m currently finishing my degree, trying to stay sane and alive, and exploring ways to make compelling content safely in the pandemic. I aim to produce more interpersonal and relationship-based, intimate documentary content that informs as much as it entertains, and challenges audiences as much as it makes them feel understood.

If you’re into that too, reach out! I’d really love to hear from you.